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About Us
C5 is a collaborative partnership of five leading Edmonton agencies.
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We give a voice to the 30,000 people who use our services and work to directly impact the families and children we serve in Edmonton.
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We support and empower:

  • Indigenous individuals and families 

  • Some of the most economically, socially, and culturally marginalized children, youth and adults in our inner city 

  • Newcomers, immigrants and refugees 

  • Vulnerable children and their families 

  • Teen parents

Our Collective Strength

Each of our five partner organizations brings strengths to the table. Together, we mobilize to take risks and respond to emerging needs quickly. Research informs our efforts to achieve substantial outcomes for children and families. We have identified barriers familiar to all vulnerable Edmontonians — for example, safe and affordable housing and accessible mental health services. C5 advocates for systemic change to address these complex issues, leveraging our collective voice and championing the issues affecting the people we serve. 

The Hub

Together with our five partner agencies and community supporters, the Northeast Community Hub is a consolidated location for people to access the services they need or find out exactly where and how to get them. Specialized staff from each of the C5 agencies converge at this central location to provide the supports and services from each of the C5 agencies right at the Hub. Families rarely present a single need; they usually deal with multiple challenges. Our goal is to address all the social determinants of health to effectively support people in leading successful lives. The Northeast Hub brings many layers of support into one place so that people do not have to travel all over the city, telling their stories multiple times to strangers. We recognize that while there may be a variety of support available, it can be so complicated to navigate that families in need are often unable to access them. C5 is dedicated to breaking down these barriers and helping our community members navigate the complex systems of government and social support to find resources they need. 

At the Hub, families can access: 

  • Employment and business development support 

  • Housing through C5 agencies and CIVIDA 

  • Parenting supports 

  • Early childhood development supports 

  • Financial planning 

  • Mental health and addiction support 

  • Food security 

  • A variety of other programs and services that continually evolve based on feedback from our community!

Our Resources and Partnerships

The Hub is designed to ensure everyone feels they belong and are welcome to share their food, cultures and stories, building relationships and supporting each other. In 2023, 5,724 people accessed support through the C5 Hub and Market! 

The Hub has also expanded to include the Community Market in partnership with the Food Bank, Belmont Sobeys, Giant Tiger and H&W Produce. People struggling with food security can find fresh produce and essentials. Our Community Market allows our community members to shop with dignity and feed their families based on their preferences and values. While they are shopping, our staff can help them to access other resources through the C5 agencies and other partners to provide complete wrap-around support. We also continue to offer emergency hampers to those most in need when our program is at capacity or community members cannot travel. 

C5 is thrilled to partner through the City of Edmonton with the Clareview Recreation Centre, minutes from the Hub. This partnership allows our community members to access free programming and utilize the facilities at the Recreation Centre at no cost. 

While we continue to grow in response to the needs of our community, one thing stays the same: C5’s commitment to building community, breaking down barriers, working differently and empowering families all over Edmonton not just to survive but to thrive

Please help us make a difference for those who need it most in our community. Connect with us if you’d like to volunteer, donate or run a program out of the Hub! 


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