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Five leading agencies collaborating for change.

FRN Summer Programs

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The C5 Northeast Hub brings as many supports as possible into one place.

The current system can be complicated to navigate, and families are often unable to access available supports. C5 is dedicated to breaking down those barriers so community members can get exactly where they need to go! 

Our Annual

C5 Program Guide

The C5 Hub is a consolidated location that works as a 'one-stop shop' for social supports in Northeast Edmonton, offering a wide range of programs, and services. Each C5 partner agency has specialized staff working at the C5 Hub to provide on-site supports such as food security, access to affordable housing, social systems navigation, settlement supports, free programming for children, youth, and families, etc.

C5 Youth After School Program

Between the C5 organizations, we support and empower:

  • Indigenous individuals and families 

  • Some of the most economically, socially, and culturally marginalized children, youth and adults in the Edmonton area

  • Newcomers, immigrants and refugees 

  • Vulnerable children and their families 

  • Teen parents


Agencies collaborating for change.


Edmontonians are served collectively by the C5 agencies each year.


Attendances at C5 programs and services in 2022

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