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UBUNTU Children & Families

UBUNTU Children & Families works together with children, youth, and families who have involvement with Children's Services. Our team works, through Boyle Street Community Services, with the families to address safety concerns and identify flexible, culturally competent, community-based supports and services to help the family be healthy and work towards their goals. An innovative approach to child and family support which leverages a network of partner agencies and Children’s Services to create customized support for children, youth, and families in North East Edmonton. Ubuntu offers a continuum of culturally aligned, community-based, family and child-centered services.


Ubuntu is one point of access to a streamlined set of services that leverages the expertise of the C5, including Boyle Street Community Services. We are always guided by Ubuntu’s core philosophy: the importance of the voice of persons served in decision making and goal setting.

Ubuntu’s Four Pillars

  • Children: every child/youth will have a say in their future

  • Family: every effort will be made to work with family members to keep them together

  • Culture: we will understand and respect the cultural context of those we serve

  • Community: every child/youth will live in, or be connected with, the community from which they come

UBUNTU is located at 14023 Victoria Trail NW, next-door to the C5 Hub. 

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