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Programs & Services
We know navigating government support and applying for housing can be overwhelming. If you need a hand figuring out what’s next for you and your family, the C5 Hub can help.

Our staff speak multiple languages and can provide translation support to help you access assistance programs through AlbertaWorks, AISH or affordable housing through organizations such as CIVIDA. The Hub also provides computers, printers and scanners, and regularly brings partners in for in-person resources and programming.


Youth Programs(Age 0-6)

Come run, jump, play, climb, dance, sing and move with your child. Our Children's Programs build young brains and encourage healthy mental, physical and emotional development of children ages 0-6.


Parents and children can play together in a child-friendly environment, share a healthy snack, meet other parents and kids and access additional family support resources and referrals.


Youth Programs(Age 6-12+)

Come check out the C5 Youth Hub located at the Clareview Recreation Centre (entrance 3). We run several programs to keep youth busy after school and during summer and winter breaks. Basketball tournaments, crafting, gardening, cooking classes, field trips, referee training camp, Indigenous teachings and more can all be found here!

Youth can also learn coding, robotics and how to use a 3D printer thanks to our partnership with SkillCity Institute who run the only free STEM lab in all of Edmonton for youth! Our programming is chosen based on feedback from youth and aims to provide them with a safe, fun environment while helping them acquire life skills and build their self-esteem. Youth can also access the Clareview Recreation Centre facility for free through our programs!


Parents, Caregiver and Family Programs

Are you feeling overwhelmed or isolated trying to parent? Struggling to parent through some challenging behaviours? About to become a new parent and have some questions?


Are you looking to build a more positive relationship with your child? Would you like to learn more about your child's development and how to support their growth and learning?

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Community Market

"Providing food to over 700 families"

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